Moka Lantum

26 Nov

Hailing from Cameroon, Moka is a man of many talents. Not least of these is his passion: building affordable, eco-friendly homes using little more than the earth available at the build site. I haven’t had the chance to check out the eco-dome he’s built here in Rochester, but Gary did, “You’re driving down this urban city street and then you’re immediately on Tatooine.” The technology is cool, and the point of the message is clear: Haiti’s had a number of large earthquakes in the last century that’s killed thousands. Why did they die? Because the structures weren’t earthquake-proof. It’s kind of silly to rebuild Haiti with the same solution that’s caused problems in the past.

So many folks approached us after Moka’s talk and said they were looking forward to volunteering and working with him. I really hope it the Rochester community can be a major force for him to tap into.

Moka hails from Cameroon. He is a medical doctor and holds a doctorate in Pharmacology from the University or Rochester. He also studied International Child Health in Sweden, and is employed by Excellus BCBS.

Moka co-founded the Baobab Cultural Center, which promotes multicultural dialogue six years ago. He has a passion for vernacular earthen architecture. In 2009, he partnered with the Building Green initiative, led by Sis Marsha Allen, to get zoning approval for the first eco-dome in Rochester. These local efforts have blossomed into a 10-year initiative to develop affordable earthquake-resistant housing in Haiti.

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