Adam Walker

05 Jan

Well, here it is folks…the first video from TEDxRochester 2011!

As mentioned in a previous article, we here at TEDxRochester HQ have been working hard to forge partnerships with various groups in the community to help “mine” for potential speakers.  This year, we concentrated on the two big universities as, at the end of the day, the legacy of this world belongs to those who come after us.  Additionally, it had been my privilege to meet with a number of students over the last couple of years, and I’m always impressed by their singular devotion to their cause if not their entrepreneurial spirit.  Adam exemplifies the marriage of both of those traits.

I first read about Adam’s company, Kosovo Wind Gardens when he was interviewed on the Upstate NY Startup blog.  I’d barely gotten through the whole article before I was forwarding it on to the rest of the team.  And, once we met him, we knew he had to be part of our lineup.

It certainly seems we made the right choice.  I’ve read some dozen or so reviews of last year’s event, and almost every one has referenced Adam’s presentation and/or company.   Watch, and you’ll find out why.

Adam holds a BS in Physics and a BA in Philosophy from Carnegie Mellon University. He is now a second year Masters Candidate in Science, Technology and Public Policy at Rochester Institute of Technology. In 2009 he interned as a programmer at the University of Pittsburgh’s Astronomy Department. In 2010 he interned as a nuclear nonproliferation policy analyst at the Idaho National Laboratory. In December of 2010, Adam participated in an interdisciplinary class at R.I.T.’s American University of Kosovo, in Pristina, Kosovo. During this class, Adam and his colleagues began to develop their wind turbine distribution social venture, Kosovo Wind Gardens, to addresses the country’s lack of reliable electricity.

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