Dates, dates, dates!

23 Feb

Back in 2009 when I first applied for the license for TEDxRochester, I was required to put in a date for the event.   Since I hadn’t fully thought through what I was getting myself into, I had no idea WHERE I was going to put this event, let alone WHEN.  So, I simply pulled a date out of the air and went with November 5th.  Once the Geva confirmed they’d be hosting us, we determined that date wasn’t going to work for them, so we moved it to the 2nd.

But, this year, the 5th is the best available date, so that’s when TEDxRochester 2012 will be held.  Make sure to mark your calendars!  As we get closer to the actual date, more details (such as times and when registration opens and closes) will be made available.  With three years under our belt, we’re very excited for our fourth.  We’ve learned a lot from our experiences and always strive to incorporate that into making a better and better event each year.  

Closer to today, though, we have our next open public meeting coming up on March 10th.   We had to skip the February one as my wife & I had our second daughter the day before.  It will be from 11-1pm on that date, but location has yet to be determined.  Java’s is one of our favorite coffee shops in the area, but it just wasn’t conducive to the intimate interaction of a moderate group of people.  Keep an eye on our social network feeds and we’ll let you know where to meet us next.  We had a great time the last time and hope to see even more of you there this time!

Oh, one last thing, speaking of seeing more of you: we were so happy to see a few of you show up for our partnership event with The Entrepreneurs Network.  Even though our goal for that event was to find some entrepreneurs engaged in social enterprises to feature on our stage, we were also looking to introduce you to TEN.  TEN is a great program for those looking to start a new business venture or increase their own.  They host a wonderful training program that empowers you to succeed.  I recommend checking them out.  And, yes, we did find at least one company we’re looking to work with this year!   So, if we have another such event, we’ll let you know when and really hope you’ll join us for a fun night!

3 Responses to “Dates, dates, dates!”

  1. Dr. Ellen Weber February 26, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

    Congrats on your baby girl, Tony! I was so disappointed to see the Mar 10 date – since I will be at a waterpark in MN with my little grandson.

    Love your focus on assisting new startups – and getting past the challenges with new brainy tools! Inspired to post new wonders on that note myself today.

    When your next meeting comes — we plan to stop the world to try and attend – so we can support your great efforts here! Best, Ellen

  2. Jason Olshefsky March 6, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

    Ahem … Tony … this is coming up soon! Will it be at Java’s indeed?

    • Tony Karakashian March 8, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

      I’m posting a follow up right now. We had planned on Joe Bean’s, but their tasting room is closed right now so there wouldn’t be enough room. We’re doing it at The Yards at the Public Market. 11am this Saturday!