Viewing parties!

08 Oct

So, here we are…registration’s been closed for exactly a week now.  The team is finalizing the attendee list by combing through the hundreds of applications we’ve received, and invitations should be sent out starting tomorrow!  If you’re desperately waiting to know if you’ll be joining us at the Planetarium this year, you won’t be waiting much longer!

As I said in a recent email, while the Planetarium can bring you the entire universe…it has limited seating.  But, fear not, we have an alternative.  We’ve taken advantage of a partnership setup by the TED mother ship with and for the first time, TEDxRochester will be broadcast to the Internet.  You could, if you chose, watch the whole event in the comfort of your pajamas on the couch.

But, what’s the fun in that?  Attending a TEDx event isn’t just about listening to the wide range of presenters, it’s about being part of a moment.  To compensate for the limited seating, we’ve setup our own partnerships with local venues to host viewing parties throughout the greater Rochester area.  You can find out more about these parties, and register via our form here.

This one’s been on our radar since the first event, and it’s so exciting to finally be able to bring TEDxRochester to a much larger audience this year!