Heather Layton & Brian Bailey: Art Diplomacy

11 Mar

I have to admit, when I watch this talk I love when Brian first takes over the stage.  He mirrors precisely my own thoughts on art prior to meeting my wife, Jes.  But, in the last 10 years, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the subject and have even purchased a few pieces of my own!  I’m still not allowed to display them, but that’s a whole other topic.

Beyond my wife’s influence, talks such as Andrew Perry’s showed that I already had an appreciation for some art forms.  Darren Stevenenson’s showed that I didn’t need to feel “excluded” for not understanding the majority of it (I confess, that’s still the case, but I’m learning!)  And, Larry Moss’ first one showed that art can serve an even greater purpose.  Following on that last comes Heather & Brian’s talk about Art Diplomacy and using art to get people to understand and think about things differently.

Their work is powerful, important, and is probably the best example of our theme, Changing Perspectives!