Join us for TEDxRochester 2019

Hear. Here.

We are passionate about elevating and highlighting ideas worth sharing—across disciplines. Here is where you will hear noteworthy innovation and perspectives that inspire, challenge, and spark positive action in our community.

If you have not been to a TEDxRochester event, know that if you do, you will be part of a vibrant and unique full day “brain spa” TED-like experience right here in Rochester!

You will hear thought leaders and change makers, see performing artists and participate in workshops/labs and discussions around ideas that matter. As a TEDx attendee, you play an important part as you too go “all-in”.  You will have the opportunity to engage in deep listening, perhaps meet-up with old friends and definitely make new connections across fields, disciplines, backgrounds and generations.  Our attendees, or “Friends of TEDxRoc” have a passion for learning, a shared appreciation for innovative thinking and doing, a curiosity about the world and a genuine willingness to be surprised and challenged.


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