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Superhero Backstories – Stocking the Store

15 Aug

Ramon Ricker’s approach to the entrepreneurship in music goes back many years. He started studying and playing at the age of 5, taking piano lessons from his mother. At 10, he added the clarinet to his repertoire. At 16, the saxophone and the intent to become a musician. Practice was more important than grades as […]

Christopher Azzara

20 Jan

As children we love to “make things up”, be it stories or songs or friends… our imaginations are limitless. Why do we stop that? When are we told that is unacceptable? Why do we need to RE-learn this gift? Chris’s talk gave me such insights into our education system and the way we teach children; […]

Ashley Aberg

13 Jan

I met Ashley for the first time at the RIT graduate research symposium in in the in the Summer of 2011. The event is a day of 15-minutes research presentations, with several adjudicators invited from the community. Although there were many technical innovations at the symposium, my fellow Jury members and I found ourselves discussing […]

Andrew Perry

09 Jan

As a visual artist, I am very excited about the resurgence of visual storytelling. Graphic novels and comics have made their way back toward the forefront of our media, and are now influencing films, television, and application design. Designers are now using the same tools in information design, and many of those same techniques are […]

Ramon Ricker

26 Nov

An accomplished musician, composer and author, Ramon Ricker is Senior Associate Dean for Professional Studies, Director of the Institute for Music Leadership and Professor of Saxophone at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York; where he has been a faculty member since 1972. Throughout his long and varied career, Dr. Ricker has straddled […]

Michelle Cardulla

26 Nov

I found out about the Museum of Kids Art thanks to a bumper sticker I saw in a parking lot one day(turns out it was Michelle Cardulla’s car.) I followed up on it and thought the concept looked really cool just from browsing their website. Then, I met Michelle. MOKA (not to be confused with […]

Ralph Spezio

26 Nov

Let me warn you first: if you have children, this talk is going to touch you deeply. After the first meeting we had with Ralph, I went home and hugged my two year old daughter hard. What Ralph has to teach us about lead poisoning is terrifying primarily because it’s new information to a lot […]

Jane Andrews

26 Nov

When I first filled out the application to be the TEDxRochester licensee (seems like a lifetime ago!), I needed to tell them a little bit about our community. I gave them the standard stories about our Fortune 100 company population, our innovative citizens and their contributions, our world class colleges and universities, etc, etc. But, […]

Karlie Robinson

26 Nov

Karlie’s passion is open source technologies and what they mean to our future. In this talk, she brings up some very overlooked and important ideas. Too often, the talk around technology education is centered around white collar work and its accessibility to those from the lower socio-economic brackets. But, as Karlie shrewdly points out, technology […]

Scott Eberle

12 May

As mentioned, Rochester has some unique iconic landmarks.  Not least of these is the Strong Museum of Play.    As the father of a young daughter, I’m familiar with Strong Museum and a huge fan.   Growing up in Philadelphia, I have fond memories of such places as the Franklin Institute and the Please Touch Museum, and […]