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We can’t do this without passionate partners who believe in, and support, this mission.  TEDxRochester is completely volunteer-driven and relies exclusively on the generosity of our financial and in-kind donors.  Our donors become part of our growing TEDxcommunity.  In addition to your affiliation with the globally-recognized TEDx brand, s a partner you will be invited to engage multiple times with curious change makers and community leaders who attend our events throughout the year.

Opportunities exist at every level so please contact us to learn more about how you might join with us to create, inspire and connect!



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Happy Gut Sanctuary

Meowchickenfish ASL Snapchat

Santa Margherita Tour of Italy

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Rachel Walsh

Alyssa Belasco

Kwasi Boaitey

Kelly Cheatle

Dave Fuehrer

Jennifer Indovina

Danyelle Hildreth

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Mara Ahmed

Jill Freeman

Reenah Golden

Kevin Graham

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Larry Moss

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Suzanne Piotrowski

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Rachel Walsh

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Alyssa Belasco

Kwasi Boaitey

Kelly Cheatle

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Jennifer Indovina

Danyelle Hildreth

Deb Koen

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